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Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Each 60 minute session is customized and may include energy clearing, sacred ceremonial prayer ties, a variety of traditional Reiki Healing, Hindu "Deeksha" energy, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, non denominational spiritual counseling and intuitive guidance. 

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Intuitive Coaching Packages and Retreats

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1:1 Private Sessions with Stu In-Person or Virtually on Zoom

Intuitive coaching with Stu is not traditional life coaching. His unique approach encompasses energy healing practices, intuitive visionary channeling to help guide and advise you so that you can achieve the goals and results you desire. Sessions start with setting intention, energy clearing, energy blessings, and then the work begins. Whether the goal is to become a more present and effective parent to your kids, or you want to build confidence to start the company of your dreams, Stu is ready to help. Sessions are offered in 3 month or 6 month packages.

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VIP Day with Stu

Half Day and Full Day VIP experiences with Stu are available

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What Recent Clients Are Saying

 ​I have had 8 intuitive coaching sessions with Stu and it has literally changed my life. I thought I knew everything about parenting and dating after divorce, but it turns out that I only knew what I knew, and it took a real expert to help me learn some really life-changing things for my sons and me. When my youngest son was being rude and disrespectful and not communicating, Stu helped me understand the root of his behavior, and then gave me very specific and detailed instructions on what to do and say (and, more importantly, what not to do and what not to say) that literally has changed our lives forever. It’s a cliche but I really believe that working with Stu has been priceless.

- Debbie G

Palm Desert, CA

I hated my ex. She hated me. We fought all the time. The kids were a mess. Working with Stu changed that. I wish I had hired him before I hired my lawyer! The smartest thing I have ever done besides hiring Stu, was to keep him on retainer on an ongoing basis, so I can always get practical support whenever needed. He helped me accept and forgive my former wife, provided tips on how to talk with my kids and not talk "to" them, and still helps me write emails and texts to their mom when I am triggered by things she says sometimes. His fees weren't cheap, but the value of his intuitive coaching sessions were worth every cent. 

- Tony E

Fishers, IN