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Change Maker
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“Remove what's blocking you from reaching your highest potential and fulfilling your purpose.”

- Stu Weintraub

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TEDx Speaker Weintraub

TEDx Speaker June 11, 2023 

“The True Costs of Divorce” 


Acting as a bridge of love, Stu inspires minds, heals hearts, and awakens souls.

    Business Coaching

    Stu conducts one-on-one coaching sessions and structured business mastermind workshops that help business-owners and entrepreneurs identify the core problems that are blocking energy in their work lives. He calls it "coach-sulting" because it is a unique intuitively guided blend of consulting and coaching. He listens deeply and then brings creative ideas for positive change down from the Universe in an intense, direct way, and then offers solid structure for accountability. If you need help with your creative visionary process, intuitive strategy, or solutions to solve problems, cut expenses or promote growth, he would love to work with you. Due to his upcoming TEDx talk and book launch, Stu is currently accepting a limited number of new clients. Connect with him to inquire.


    Stu is available to speak online or on-location to intimate gatherings or large groups. He has talks that deliver powerful transformational wisdom and insights for families, community organizations, trade groups, high schools, colleges, corporations, and religious / spiritual communities. He always speaks from his heart with transparency and vulnerability, offering experiential wisdom from his own healing processes in the areas of self love, recovery, entrepreneurship, business visioning, financial recovery, divorce, co-parenting, dating, and relationships. He is particularly passionate about, and called to speak to and inspire, parents who are going through a divorce and need help navigating the waters in a way that promotes healthy co-parenting to keep kids out of the crossfire.  Due to his upcoming TEDx talk and book launch, Stu is currently accepting a limited number of new speaking engagements. Connect with him to inquire.

    Group & Personal Sessions

    Healing sessions with Stu are a combination of sacred ceremony combined with metaphysical medicine/ energy healing work. Each session is highly customized, with the overall goal to help his clients quickly identify places of shame, grief, anger, fear, physical pain, depression and anxiety, and to be able to release those inner pain bodies and back-fill the cleared spaces with healing love energy. Stu, a Master Reiki Healer and Shamanic Energy Healer, incorporates sacred sound healing and indigenous energy clearing techniques that remove blockages, balance and tone energy, and bring emotional stability and well-being... often in one single session. Due to his upcoming TEDx talk and book launch, Stu is currently accepting a limited number of new clients in his boutique practice. Connect with him to inquire.

What Clients Say About Stu..

If you are seeking to understand, to unblock, or unleash your best self who's been trapped inside by your past - then contact Stu Weintraub. I don't understand how energy healers work, but I'm open minded. I've been to many and the other experiences were pleasant. The work I did with Stu for the first session was life changing. I'm going back for more. I highly recommend you go outside your comfort zone and try a healing that is sacred, safe and successful to confront and destroy your demons in order to move your life forward. - Audrey J, San Diego, CA

My session with Stuart was more powerful, and different than any other type of healing I have ever received. He takes the time (sessions are two hours) and encompasses powerful ritual, combined with ceremony. It was unlike any other healing session I have ever received. - Loma Devine, Laguna Beach, CA

Stu Weintraub is a visionary and a compassionate gifted healer. He held a warm, safe and clear energy when I really needed some support. During our session he shared sound healing, energy clearing and truth speaking that opened up a place of trust to release past trauma. The next day my friend said I looked 10 lbs lighter! - Angelica Perman, Malibu, CA

You need to work with Stu. Book a time now. I was dealing with heavy depression and mental health issues and not seeing my greatness because of hard addiction and in the family. Stu helped me navigate those issues and each time I booked with him I left feeling remarkably better. His schedule fills up fast so reach out well before you need it or you will miss out. - David M. Phoenix, AZ

With a few high-mileage, yet gentle questions, Stu gets to the core of your issue. As if he was blessed with a spiritual X-ray, he pin-points the area within you that needs to be unblocked and through his insight guides you to your own revelations, making the process even more powerful. His guidance is precise, without the element of woo woo that’s common with many modern day healers and coaches. He helps you reflect on your life with radical honesty and through the process you walk away with a level of clarity that will surprise you and with tools so precise, yet simple that you feel the shift within in a matter of hours. Thanks, Stu for your guidance. Many blessings your way. - Ursula V., Los Angeles, CA

I hated my ex. She hated me. We fought all the time. The kids were a mess. Working with Stu changed that. I wish I had hired him before I hired my lawyer! He helped me accept and forgive my former wife, provided tips on how to talk with my kids and not talk "to" them, and still helps me write emails and texts to their mom when I am triggered by things she says sometimes. The smartest thing I have ever done besides hiring Stu in the first place, was to keep him on retainer on an ongoing basis, so I can always get practical support whenever needed. His fees weren't cheap, but the value of his co-parenting coaching sessions were worth every cent. - Tony E, Indianapolis, IN

Looking to be the best version of yourself today and moving forward in life to reach your goals personally and financially.. give Stu an opportunity to assist you!  He is not the run of the mill energy healer or coach-- with that being said, you get what you pay for! Reach for the stars and achieve your highest potential! - Dr. Jennifer Wells, Norco, CA

Stu's Story

Stu has been fighting for his life since he drew his first breath. Little did he know that this journey he was to endure would be the vehicle for his and thousands of others’ healing.

As an infant he was given the first of many diagnoses, failure to thrive syndrome, after being resuscitated in a New York City pediatric emergency room. The root cause wasn’t identified until after the devastating effects had made their mark on his development. From childhood into adulthood, he was wrought with sleeping problems, medical support, special diets, neverending exploratory tests. He was not like the other boys. As he grew, shame and unworthiness also grew inside his mind and heart.

Despite untreated learning disabilities, Stu’s unrelenting determination and spirit earned him a Political Science degree at the esteemed Tufts University. Stu is currently enrolled in Entrepreneur Essentials at Harvard University Business School Online.

Since he was young, Stu dreamed of helping people feel better. In his family and community, that meant being a doctor. Stu certainly got to know dozens upon dozens of doctors over decades but it wasn’t in the expected way. All the prescriptive treatments given as problem solvers had positive effects, but weren't healing his body or helping him feel better. 

Meanwhile, he married and had his beloved son. Although the marriage ended in painful divorce, he and his son's mother enjoy a mutually respectful and kind relationship now. The work of achieving a healthy post-divorce climate resulted in a loving mission to spread awareness and grow networks of clergy, counselors, coaches, and mediators who utilize ‘Love Before Law’ guiding principles for parents navigating a high level of conflict.

When alarming new physical symptoms popped up that no physician could diagnose, Stu heeded the wake up call to transition into a sober lifestyle through 12-step recovery and was led to ancient treatments of healing through energetic modalities. Thus, began his lifelong initiations of becoming a healer. Reiki master training and practice was just the beginning. Stu was transformed when he realized, “his sickness wasn't sick at all - It was his conduit to help others find health and wellbeing”.  

The Experience

Any spiritual Belief System or None Welcome Here.

90 minutes. Reiki, sage, music, and other healing elements used.

Stu Weintraub The Experience

“As a lightworker and change-maker, It’s my soul’s purpose to help people experience and express authentic love, and realize that the key to a joyful, serene and successful life is love and service to others.”

Stu Weintraub

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