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Workshops & Retreats

Healing & growth through sacred gatherings and virtual workshops.  

Join Stu in the various workshops he facilitates to experience transformation, healing, and growth in a small group of like-minded souls.

These virtual workshops are online.

He is available to facilitate these same workshops for your family, or corporate group on location.

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Stu Weintraub - Healer, Visionary, Consultant


Divine Masculine Mondays - Stuart Weintraub

Divine Masculine Mondays

Iron sharpens iron. Men need to be around other men to grow. Join Stu as he helps men resolve their issues and live more fully from their heart and own their true masculinity.  

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Business Mastermind Mondays - Stuart Weintraub

Business Mastermind Mondays

To grow and succeed it is essential to be surrounded by others who are committed to the same level of success. Join Stu as he leads creative visionaries, entrepreneurs and business executives in an intense workshop. As an intuitive creative visionary, he pulls things out of thin air and helps business leaders solve problems, develop new ideas in literally minutes.

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Talking Circle Tuesdays - Stu Weintaub

Talking Circle Tuesdays

Stu is passionate about sharing his gifts, teachings & wisdom with others, and is available to speak online or on-location. Stu brings his deep experience of traditional indigenous Lakota Native American ceremony to this circle where all are welcome to bring their thoughts and feelings and problems to be supported by community

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Waves of Love Wednesdays - Stuart Weintraub

Waves of Love Wednesdays

All unhappiness and frustration comes from a blockage of love.

Join Stu as he helps you remove the obstacles, thoughts and emotions that are blocking you from your fullest expression of yourself.

Healthier relationships, more prosperity, more happiness will result.

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Love Before Law Thursday - Stuart Weintraub

Love Before Law Thursdays

Join Stu as he helps you as he shares proven techniques to help you feel more love and be more loving to your co-parent during and after divorce. He covers everything from how to tell your spouse you want to place "love before law" and avoid fighting in court, to how to set boundaries, and start dating after divorce.

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Divine Feminine Fridays - Stuart Weintraub

Divine Feminine Fridays

Stu has an innate gift of holding strong boundaries to support women healing from trauma and issues of family of origin.

If you've ever been labeled as having "daddy issues," this is a workshop for you. Self love is awaiting you awaits...

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