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Not Your Everyday Healer

If you are seeking to understand, to unblock, or unleash your best self who's been trapped inside by your past - then contact Stu...

Audrey J, San Diego, CA

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Stu Weintraub - Healer, Visionary, Consultant

Stu, like you, is not one type of individual, with one set of interests, gifts, talents, and creative expression, personalities, ways of being in the world. Stu embodies and celebrates all the sides of us that make us whole.

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Energy Worker Stu

After divorce, Stu started his dream business of innovative outdoor advertising, and things were going incredibly well.. Until one day, late at night when he was working on a big licensing deal for a billboard business, he suddenly started to feel excruciating pain in his fingers… This pain started to radiate up into his arms and into his shoulders and neck. It wouldn’t go away. After many consults with various doctors, he was led to a Reiki Circle on a random dark, rainy fall Tuesday evening.

He never thought that his life would change. That was the catalyst, where the healers “saw” Stu and knew that he wasn’t wrong with him, but rather he was able to feel the energy from the electronics (keyboard and phone). His doctors through he was crazy, but these light workers knew differently. Stu was devastated. Crushed. He literally couldn’t work. His dreams crashed and burned. His empire crumbled. He lost everything.

Broke, broken, homeless, and car-less, his journey began. He was sober and started seeking ‘alternative” healings. And today, he has become one of them. And not just any one, but one that is sought after by A-list personalities and business executives because Stu carries tremendously powerful medicine, yet holds space in a deeply compassionate and confidential way. When you experience his humble healing space in La Costa, CA, you will know…

With over 16 years of deep recovery work, 10 years doing intensive men’s work, 12 years as a high conflict divorce coach and divorce coach trainer. Stu is an ordained Shaman, he received the sacred Peruvian Munay Ki Rites from a practicing shaman, studied under the close mentorship of various lakota ceremony men, was taught “in a good way” how to tend fire, carry the stones, crawl into ceremony, and pray hard. He received songs and earned his drum. Stu has sat in hundreds of “inipi” sweat lodges, has “gone up on the hill” for “hamblecha” (vision quest) where he received confirmation of his vision. He carries the name “Soaring Eagle” and is here to inspire minds, heal hearts and awaken souls.

Stu is a Master Reiki Healer, and while he will never tell you directly, his lineage is only “7 degrees” from the original master. What this means, is that he received the initiation and attunement to channel Reiki, from a man who was just 6 individuals from the original master, who received Reiki in a Divine Miracle while meditation on a mountain top. Not all Reiki Masters are alike. Stu didn’t become a reiki master in a yoga studio workshop or a weekend seminar for therapists receiving continuing education credits; he received it from a true traditional Reiki Master Teacher, who mentored him for years, and still continues to do so to this day. (Think Mr. Miagi from Karate Kid, and you will have a glimpse as to the type of slow, sacredness and intention that his teacher has taught him during his training.)

Stu is also attuned to channel Hindu Deeksha. 

Stu is claire-audient, claire-sentient, claire-voyant. He is highly intuitive beyond most and knows, hears, feels and sees things others can’t know, hear, feel or see. Energy called “Oneness”. He has received blessings from two different fully enlightened souls as well. In short, he is not your every-day reiki healer. He is so much more.

Stu Weintraub - Business Coach

Business Coach

  • Marketing / PR strategist 

  • Intuitive - Big Ideas

  • Creative Concepts

  • Cost-Cutting/ Revenue Generating

  • Team and Executive Leadership

Stu’s leadership style exudes and embodies strength along with humility. He leads from his heart and helps you do the same.

Stu's Story

Failure to Thrive to Phenomenal at Fifty Five! Oxygen Tent, stagnation, loppy shame, Red Ferrari Gary, Depression, Under/ Unemployed Marriage, Divorce, BK: Recovery (all types) Homeless, Carless, Under-employed, Unemployed, Reiki, shamanic healer, Disability Story of awakenings, Hans’ House, gas tank on E, Jared Trains and Camera PBJ, Love Before Law, TEDx etc…

Stu has been fighting for his life since he drew his first breath. Little did he know that this journey he was to endure would be the vehicle for his and thousands of others’ healing.

As an infant he was given the first of many diagnoses, failure to thrive syndrome, after being resuscitated in a Long Island pediatric emergency room. The root cause wasn’t identified until after the devastating effects had made their mark on his development. From childhood to adulthood, he was wrought with a multitude of medical issues including, nutritional deficiency, sleep problems and early-anger issues and depression. He was also late to mature physically, and experienced abuse by his pediatric adolescent physician. Always popular at school, Stu developed a sense of never really fitting in... He was not like the other boys. As he grew, shame and unworthiness also grew inside his mind and heart.

Despite undiagnosed and untreated learning disabilities, Stu’s unrelenting determination, creative coping skills, and never-quit-spirit earned him a Political Science degree at the esteemed Tufts University and at present, he is enrolled in Harvard University Business School Online.

Since he was young, Stu dreamed of helping people feel better. In his family and community, that meant being a physician. He certainly got to know dozens upon dozens of doctors over decades but it wasn’t in the expected way. All the prescriptive treatments given had positive short term effects, but they didn't result in sustained healing for his body or help him feel and function better. 

After a year in Vail, Colorado, Stu moved to the spiritual vortex of north coastal San Diego. He married and his beloved son, Jared was born. Although the marriage ended in a painful divorce and a situationally- conflicted custody dynamic, he and his son's mother enjoy a mutually respectful, peaceful, and constructive relationship today. The work of achieving a healthy post-divorce climate resulted in Stu starting The Center for Child-Safe Divorce - Home of the Love Before Law Movement, which has a loving mission to spread awareness and offer resources to parents through a growing network of clergy, counselors and coaches, who agree with Stu's message that "Kid's Don't Belong in the Crossfire." 

The pain of divorce and lopsided custody combined with the decades-long resentments and mile high bills from undiagnosed, untreated and unhealed medical ailments and learning disabilities , were the spark that lit the fire that no amount of "numbing" behaviors or substances could blot out, and thus, the catalyst to a spiritual awakening for Stu was created. He has since experienced many awakenings. With nearly two decades of successful recovery, participation in hundreds of ancient indigenous sacred ceremonies, as well as numerous mentorship, teachings, "blessings" and formal initiations, from practicing shamans and master healers, Stu experienced numerous initiations into becoming the gifted healer that he is. Stu's intensive immersion into a being a healer wasn't fully solidified until a failed business, bankruptcy, eviction and loss of autos left him broke and homeless. When the Universe moved him away from the business world and led him to teachers, mentors, elders and master healers, Stu realized he was becoming transformed. He has done his work in therapy as well, and sought out numerous holistic and alternative healers to address his own health and wellness issues that plagued him for decades. With all of these modalities, he has not only experienced his own miraculous healing, but realized that he was now able to heal others in ways that were intensely powerful and effective. It took years of practice suffering from "imposter syndrome" for him to fully "own" the uniqueness and power of his gifts, but with countless clients experiencing miraculous healings, Stu experienced the validation. While his clients often call him "Shaman Stu", he says, "I'm just the messenger and the conduit, through which healing takes place." All of this has prepared Him to be the "crossover messenger" that he is. He speaks, writes and coaches from a powerful place rooted deeply in all four archetypes of masculinity. Stu received the name "Soaring Eagle" during a sacred "inipi" sweat lodge ceremony, and as a see-er, He uses his clairevoyant, clairesentient, claireaudient and exceptional intuitive visionary gift to help others.

Stu realized during the pandemic that his mission was too big to achieve by seeing clients one-on-one, so he sat in meditation and received the calling to start a variety of online group healing and coaching experiences. That same year, he was called to add "The Center for Metaphysical Medicine", Waves of Love, International" The Non-Religious-Spiritual Movement and "The Waves of Love, Foundation" to the fleet of vehicles already in place, in order to fulfill his life's mission. In 2023, he launched "The Waves of Love Podcast - A Powerful Platform Where Love & Leadership Align", as well as the "528 Daily Waves of Love Line" so that he can further expand his reach to help people become inspired, healed and awakened. His various social media brands; "Suburban Shaman," "Skiing Shaman", "Sailing Shaman" & "Glamping Shaman" all serve as catchy invitations to anyone to join his transformational group virtual and live healing retreats, so they can experience more love, and then share it with others on the planet. 

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Stuart Weintraub - not your everyday healer

Stu Weintraub

“As a lightworker and change-maker, It’s my soul’s purpose to help people experience and express authentic love, and realize that the key to a joyful, serene and successful life is love and service to others.”

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