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"Witnessing Stu Speak is an Experience I Will Never Forget. I felt that emotional feeling of a "golf ball in my throat", and I could literally hear a pin drop in the room."

- Michael L.

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Stu Weintraub - Healer, Visionary, Consultant
Stuart Weintraub - Heart of Divorce - Book Cover

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Upcoming Releases

  • Real Men Take Baths - Self Care for Men Who Have the Balls to Bathe

  • Carma - Stories from a Sober Used Car Salesman Who Couldn’t Tell a Lie

  • If Jesus Were a Drunk

  • It’s ALL GO(O)D - For Go(o)dness Sake

  • The Mechanic’s Guide to Healthy Human Maintenance -A User Manual for the Human Machine

  • Lazy Tommy Two - Stu’s Twist on His Favorite Childhood Book, “Lazy Tommy Pumpkinhead”

  • Waking Up at Forty - A Man’s Journey From Narcolepsy to Nirvana

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TEDx Speaker Weintraub

TEDx Speaker June 11, 2023 

“The True Costs of Divorce” 


Stu is available to speak from the heart to large groups or intimate gatherings, including: High Schools, Colleges, Community Events, Synagogues, Churches, Spiritual Gathering, Retreats, Benefits, Galas and Fundraisers, corporate events, intimate gatherings and dinner parties.

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Stu brings a unique mix of vulnerability and transparency combined with blunt and direct wisdom to help you experience life more fully.

Some of Stu's most requested topics include:

  • Recovery from substance/ behavioral addictions

  • How to Thrive and not just survive with scary medical diagnoses

  • Co-parenting / parallel parenting

  • Ethical Wills

  • How to experience more self love and share love with others

  • Dating After Divorce

  • The Power of Presence - The most important virtue for our lives

  • Etiquette. The most important thing to teach in the age of Artificial Intelligence

  • Silent invisible disability Advocacy

  • From Shame to Fame

  • From Uber Driver to Entrepreneur

  • Real Men Take Baths - Self Care for Men

  • The Heart of Divorce - Why it’s time we place love before law and mediate instead of litigate - because kids don’t belong in the crossfire.”

  • Life lessons they didn’t teach you in college ( handshake, ask for the deal, kindness, service, spirituality of money)


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Stu Weintraub

“As a lightworker and change-maker, It’s my soul’s purpose to help people experience and express authentic love, and realize that the key to a joyful, serene and successful life is love and service to others.”

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