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Stu Weintraub - Healer, Visionary, Consultant


Visionary. Change-Maker. Healer. TEDx Speaker.

Creator, Waves of Love Healing Method™
Creator, Love Before Law Coaching Program™

Witnessing Stu speak is an experience I will never forget. I felt that emotional feeling of a 'golf ball in my throat,' and I could literally hear a pin drop in the room.

- Michael Lawrence, Del Mar, CA

Stu's Misson

 It is my life's mission to inspire minds, heal hearts and awaken souls. 

My entire life has been a series of initiations.

From "failure to thrive syndrome" as an infant to failed business, financial failure and divorce as an adult.

Numerous diagnoses of chronic illness such as narcolepsy and depression.

Sexual abuse as an adolescent.

Academic failure in college due to undiagnosed/ untreated learning disability.

Crushing shame, fear and resentment during and after divorce.

Recovery from alcohol, drugs and behavioral addictions.

I have experienced profound pain and numerous failures in my life.

And I have healed from them all.

It is my life's purpose to use ALL of these experience to help YOU.

I've been there. I know the way out. 

If you are:

Experiencing anger, fear, guilt or shame during or after a divorce or failed relationship, and it just won't go away...

Stuck in grief after losing a loved one.

Stalled after years of therapy or recovery and can't seem to grow or breakthrough to happiness...

Please reach out and allow me to be of-service. 

You will not walk your journey alone.

Join me on one of my exclusive and experiential healing and transformational coaching retreats for individuals, couples, families and corporate groups. 

I see clients in La Costa, Newport Beach and Malibu, California. 

~ Stu

TEDx Speaker Weintraub

Stu stood on the prestigious TEDx Red Dot  

“The True Costs of Divorce” 

TEDx San Diego, June 11, 2023

"Stu is like a cardiologist. He healed my heart, and once that was healed, everything else got better. If you have a broken heart, go see Stu."

Mike W. - San Diego, CA

Healing / Life Coaching Client

"Witnessing Stu speak is an experience I will never forget. I felt that emotional feeling of a "golf ball in my throat", and I could literally hear a pin drop in the room."

Michael L.

Speaking Event Attendee

"As a Consiglieri-For-Hire, Stu helps entrepreneurs and their teams get stuff done. His presence fosters courage, confidence & creativity to any leader or organization.

Business Coaching Client


Client Services

Retreats - Stuart Weintraub


Escape from your regular routine to heal with other like-minded souls in nature. Stu will be hosting skiing, sailing and glamping retreats in beautiful resort destinations in Southern California and beyond. 

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Author / Speaker - Stuart Weintraub

Author & Speaker

Stu is passionate about sharing his gifts, teachings & wisdom with others, and is available to speak online or on-location. His latest book can be found at...

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